Stretch Mark Removal

Can you remove stretch mark?

Can you remove stretch mark?

How does stretch mark come about?

Stretch marks are common among women, especially during pregnancy. It can also happen after rapid weight gain, growth spurts during puberty or due to sudden increase in muscle mass during body building. The marks are caused when our body grows quickly and our skin can’t stretch enough to keep up. As a result, they appear as long white or purplish red streaks on different parts of the body. If your family members are prone to getting stretch marks, you may have a higher risk of getting them too.

What can be done to remove stretch mark?

Some stretch marks fade away with time, some do not. You can apply cosmetic concealor to hide the stretch marks. You may also find counter lotions or creams to either prevent or treat stretch marks. Most of these products claim to lighten the marks or increase collagen in the skin. However, there is very little evidence to show that any of these creams work.

That does not mean that nothing can be done to remove stretch mark. Depending on the colour of your stretch marks, you can use vascular laser to lighten red marks or skin resurfacing to smooth out older white marks.

Watch this video to see how EndyMed Intensif works.

How does the procedure work?

Vascular laser shrinks the blood vessels which is responsible for the purplish red colour discoloration under the skin. On the other hand, fractional skin resurfacing such as EndyMed Intensif targets underlying areas of the skin to stimulate collagen growth from inside out. This helps to restructure the overlying skin and gives the skin a smoother texture and appearance. Our doctor will first review your condition and then prescribe suitable treatment for your stretch marks.

When will I see results from stretch mark removal?

You should start see slight improvement after your first treatment. Most stretch marks require an average of 5 to 6 monthly sessions to see significant improvement. Though individual results may vary.

Call us now for more information on stretch mark removal and see if it is the right treatment for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is stretch mark removal painful?

Stretch mark removal is generally well tolerated. This applies to both vascular laser as well as skin resurfacing procedure. We will apply numbing cream to the skin about 15-20 minutes before we begin. During the procedure, you may feel a light pricking sensation on the skin. Sometimes, we will apply a hand piece which emits chilled wind to make you feel more comfortable. You will hardly feel any discomfort.

How long is the downtime after the procedure?

It is common to experience mild redness after stretch mark removal. Your skin may appear to be a little more sensitive than usual for a day or two. If you are being treated for skin resurfacing, you may notice multiple brown dots on the skin for a few days. This is normal. Otherwise, there is minimal downtime and you can resume your usual activities right after the treatment.

Do I need to follow up with creams after procedure?

We recommend our patients to use Arium Essentials Skin Repair in conjunction with stretch mark removal for optimal results. This is a moisturizing cream with peptides to repair and restore our skin after any aesthetics treatment. Follow the advice of the doctor and use the cream according to directions given. If you are unsure, do not be afraid to call us for clarification.

How do you monitor my progress after procedure?

We will take serial photos of your skin throughout the treatment sessions. Hence, we are able to monitor your progress and compare outcomes. We will keep your photos secured within our medical records database.

Will the stretch mark return after I stop treatment?

It depends on your type of stretch mark and its cause. Some patients are more prone to develop stretch mark than others. If your stretch marks are due to pregnancy weight gain, you may develop new ones in subsequent pregnancies. You can try to use counter lotions or creams to prevent its formation though there is no strong evidence to show that it is effective. The only way to prevent the formation of new stretch marks to avoid any rapid increase in body weight.

Are there any persons who are unsuitable for EndyMed Intensif?

You will not be suitable if you are fitted with a heart pacemaker or have metal implants in your body.  Likewise, the same applies if you are currently pregnant or breastfeeding.

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