Double Chin Treatment

double chin

Treat double chin safely and effectively

Why do we get double chin?

A double chin forms when an extra layer of fat accumulates below our chin. It is commonly associated with weight gain in younger patients. But you do not need to be overweight to have a double chin. Genetics or skin laxity from aging may also result in a double chin. Most patients want to get rid of their bulky chin to regain a sharper and more youthful appearance. The good news is that modern day technology is now possible to achieve this.

How can we treat double chin?

We treat double chin by targeting two important areas – (1) Reduction of the submental fat (2) Tightening of the skin under the chin. These treatments work by combining the effects of Fat Freezing Treatment and High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU). Once the fat cells are eliminated from our body, they are gone for good. HIFU, on the other hand, stimulates our skin cells to produce collagen, a protein which provides structure to our skin. Therefore, the increase in collagen production results in a tighter and firmer skin, with lesser wrinkles. This works well for patient who are looking for non-invasive procedures without going under the knife.

When will I see results from double chin treatment?

This depends on your condition. After a combination treatment, you can see up to 20% fat reduction and skin tightening over a period of 2 to 3 months. For patients with moderate to severe condition, we would advise to repeat the treatment in 6 to 8 weeks’ time.

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Say goodbye to your double chin:

Combines the effect of 2 treatments on one area

✔ Freeze away unwanted fat cells

✔ Tightens skin under the chin with HIFU skin tightening

Price is inclusive of doctor’s consult and discussion of treatment plan.

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Dr Donna Chow, Medical Director, Arium Clinic

Dr Donna has more than 10 years of experience in the field of Aesthetics Medicine. She graduates with a medical degree from National University of Singapore and holds two post graduate diplomas in Family Medicine and Dermatology (Distinction).

She is certified by the Singapore Medical Council Aesthetic Procedures Oversight Committee in the administering aesthetics injections, chemical peels, lasers for pigmentation, skin resurfacing and hair removal, non surgical skin tightening treatments and non invasive body contouring treatment. Click here to read more about her.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I know if I am the right candidate for treatment?

    The best way to know if you are a right candidate is to consult a doctor who is familiar with double chin treatment. At Arium Clinic, we begin with asking your medical history. After that, our doctor will assess your double chin area. If you have any questions about the treatment, we will also answer them to the best of our ability. This is to give you the assurance and confidence before you begin treatment with us.

    What happens during the Fat Freezing treatment?

    During the treatment, we will place an applicator on your double chin. You may feel a mild sucking action, followed by a cooling sensation, as the applicator draws in the fat. During the procedure, you may continue to feel slight tingling, pinching and aching sensations until the skin begins to numb. After the treatment completes, the applicator will be removed from your double chin. Finally, we will gently massage the treated area to break up the frozen fat cells and enhance fat reduction.

    What happens during the HIFU treatment?

    We will apply numbing cream to the skin about 30 minutes before we begin. You may also be given some oral painkillers to take to reduce any discomfort. During the procedure, you may feel a gentle heating sensation when the ultrasound energy is being delivered to precise layers of your skin. This is an indication that the procedure is working and is generally well tolerated by most patients.

    Are you doing both Fat Freezing and HIFU treatment on the same day?

    No. Depending on your condition, our doctor will advice you on your treatment program. We would schedule both treatments on different days, at least 2 – 4 weeks apart.

    How long does one treatment session take?

    Fat freezing or HIFU treatment for double chin takes about 45 – 60 min including preparation time.

    What are the side effects from the treatment?

    You may encounter temporary redness, discomfort, skin sensitivity or mild bruising over the treated area. These symptoms resolve on its own within one to two weeks. A doctor can better assess and explain the potential side effects to you in person.

    How many treatments do I need?

    This depends on your double chin area and the amount of fat or loose skin present. You may need repeated treatments if your condition is more severe. You can discuss your expectations with our doctor. Then, we will be able to design a treatment plan to meet your personal goals.

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