Women Health Screening

Health Screening Women

Health Screening Women

Health Screening Packages

As part of our wellness program at Arium Clinic, we offer general health screening packages for women in different age groups. Many women may be so preoccupied with their work and family that they do not have time to go for regular health checkup. Therefore we want to bring well women screening to our patients and offer preventive body check up at their convenience. Early detection can result in early diagnosis of disease and better health outcome.

What you should be screened for

Breast and Cervical cancers are amongst the top 10 female cancers in Singapore. Therefore, it is important to have mammogram screening every 2 years for women above 40 years old or earlier if you have any risk factors. Pap smear test is recommended every 3 years for women above 25 years old or earlier if sexually active. Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) test and vaccination are also available on request. All women health screening at Arium Clinic is conducted personally by our lady medical director,Dr Donna.

Good health starts with screening

Good health starts with screening

General Health Screening

Besides breast and cervical health screening, we offer a variety of general health screening for different age groups. Our doctor will obtain a detailed history of yourself and any risk factors for medical illness. This is followed by an assessment of your height and weight, followed by a blood pressure check. Based on your profile, our doctor will recommend the type of health screening that is most suitable for you.

Depends on the screening required, you may be required to fast 12 hours before the blood test in the morning. This may be done on a separate day from your consultation with our doctor. When the medical report is out, our clinic staff will inform you to consult our doctor to review and explain the results to you.

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*We regret to inform that we are not a CHAS participating clinic.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check myself for breast lumps?

Our (lady) doctor will show you how to self examine your breast regularly to detect any obvious lumps. It is a very simple technique and can be done once a month on your own. However, not all lumps are easily felt on manual palpation. Mammogram at a 2 yearly interval (or more frequently for high risk patients) is still recommended. For younger women (below 40 years old) with denser breast tissue, ultrasound breasts may be a preferred choice.

Is mammogram painful?

Most women says the procedure is well tolerated and described it as feeling a pressure for a few minutes. The fear of going through a mammogram may be a psychological rather than a physical one. We do not conduct mammogram tests at Arium Clinic. Our staff will direct you to our partnered diagnostic centre for the procedure. If you need to speak to someone, you may call up the centre for more information.

Do I need to prepare for a pap smear test?

It is recommended to come in for pap smear test during the mid cycle of your period (2 weeks after the first day of your last cycle or 1 week before your next cycle is due). Menopausal women can come in for pap smear on any day.

Within 48 hours before the pap smear, avoid sexual intercourse, use of vaginal douching, creams, lubricants or tampons as these may irritate the cervix. Inform your doctor if you are taking any oral antibiotics or medications which may interfere with the pap smear test results.

What tests are usually done for General Health Screening?

Depends on your age and your health, our doctor will recommend suitable tests to detect for common health problems or cancer screening. Basic test comprises a full blood count, fasting blood sugar and cholesterol profile. More comprehensive test will include kidney and liver profile, thyroid function, bone panel, hormonal levels and tumour markers to detect early cancer. Our doctor will be able to give you advice after discussion with you in person.

What happens if any of my screening test is abnormal?

We will schedule a review appointment to discuss your test results and explain to you in person what it means. Depending on the result, we may repeat it again at a later date or refer you to see a specialist for followup. If you need more information, we will point you in the right way.

Do you have health screening for male patients?

Yes. We perform General Health Screening for male patients as well. However, we do not perform certain screening procedures such as prostate exam. In such cases, we may refer you to another facility. You can give us a call to talk to us before making a decision.

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