Shermaine Yeo

I visited Dr Donna for acne concerns. She was very patient with me. She explained the possible causes of my acne condition and gave detailed treatment options. She also offered hope and assurance that my skin will recover and heal.

I tried out the perfect clear 3 step programme and together with the use of the Arium’s essentials products, I am glad to share that my acne condition has improved tremendously within a week.

Dr Donna was very professional and skilled while administering the treatment. She was observant and was able to quickly ease the minor skin discomfort that I experienced (tingling sensation/warm feeling etc). She would often asked me if I am feeling uncomfortable during the treatment and assured me that the intensity of the treatment would be appropriate / tolerable for my skin to handle.

I am thankful to her staff as well (Christy I think) who was very patient and assuring when I expressed overt concerns of being alone in the room during the last step of the treatment (20 mins of light exposure to aid healing of scars). She checked in on me intermittently and was assuring.

I am no longer sprouting new pimples every other day and look forward to regaining a better skin condition with Dr Donna and her team!