Pimple injection – is it for you?

There are many ways to treat a pimple on our face. You can choose to extract it, apply pimple creams or simply leave it alone. Few of us are aware of the option for pimple injection for fasting healing. Like the age-old saying, different strokes for different folks. What should you do when you have a huge annoying pimple staring in your face? In this blog post, we shall discuss the various options, including pimple injection, and how to care for your acne prone skin.

pimple injection

Stages of acne formation

Can you prevent pimples?

You would have heard about this. Prevention is better than cure. If you have acne prone skin, you should revisit your skincare regime to see if you are using the right products. A good skincare routine should help you to reduce sebum, gently exfoliate your dead skin and clear your clogged pores. This will help to reduce the formation of comedones (precursors of pimples). Check out our diagram showing the various stages of acne formation. Arium Essentials Cell Renewal is an excellent choice for acne prone skin. Together with prescription formulas such as antibiotic gels and topical retinoids, they are helpful in treating pimples for many patients.

pimple injection

Extracting pimples on your own may have the risks of acne scars

Should I squeeze my pimples?

What if your pimples are still very much active despite all the precautionary measures of using good skincare? Should you attempt to extract the pimples on your own? It might feel good to pop a pimple at home. However, most doctors would advise you against doing it as this may cause infection and scarring. You should only attempt an extraction by a professional using sterile instruments. Even without extraction, some patients are more prone to developing acne scars than others.

pimple injection

When should you get a pimple injection?

How does pimple injection work?

Another technique that is commonly done to speed up the healing of a pimple is the injection of corticosteroid. This is effective to treat a deep acne cyst or painful nodule, which otherwise may take a few weeks to resolve on their own. Most pimple nodules or cysts would resolve within 2-3 days after a corticosteroid injection. Because of its fast results, some patients will try to inject their pimples when they have a important function to attend such as a wedding or photoshoot.

Are there any risks with pimple injection?

This procedure is not without risks. In some cases, it may result in a visible depression where the cyst was. This effect is often temporary and will resolve on its own. It is also recommended to wait for 4-6 weeks in between injections on the same spot to reduce the side effects of repeated steroid injections such as thinning of the skin, appearance of telangiectasia (tiny red vessels) or pigmentary skin changes. Pimple injection is meant to be an occasional treatment for painful nodules and cysts. If your acne condition is severe and not responding to over-the-counter treatments, you should consult a medical doctor for more treatment options.

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