Aesthetics – the slippery slope of no return?

We often read about celebrities having too much botox or dermal fillers done on their faces. Some people feel that embarking on aesthetics procedures is like stepping on a slippery slope of no return. Many fear that they might get addicted to such procedures and end up looking frozen or with an overfilled face. The reality is there are people who choose to go down this path but they form a small minority.

What is aesthetics medicine?

Aesthetics medicine focuses on minimally invasive treatments to slow down the process of aging. This includes medical grade lasers to reduce pigmentation and pores, energy based devices for non invasive skin tightening, botulinium injections for wrinkles and dermal fillers for facial augmentation or lift up deep lines.

On the other hand, plastic surgery offers corrective treatment that is more invasive and permanent. These include blepharoplasty (eyelids lift), facial implants, surgical face lift, liposuction and tummy tuck. Incisional scars are common post surgery and there would be a recovery time for most procedures.

What should I choose?

This depends on your concerns, expectations and the risks you are willing to take. If you have pigmentation and facial scars, prescription skincare and lasers would work for you. If you want to look younger with better skin quality, you can try a combination of wrinkle treatment, filler injections with HIFU skin tightening. However, if your loose skin is severe and you are looking for a more dramatic transformation, then plastic surgery would be the answer to your woes.

Less is more

As it takes time to see improvement after aesthetics injections, it is much better to plan your procedures in stages instead of doing everything at once. After injections, patients usually experience slight skin swelling and optimal results can only be observed in about 1-2 weeks’ later. Therefore, we often advise to do less in the beginning and top up the treatment as time goes by. This will ensure that your transformation will be subtle and yet remain natural.

Aging is a continuous process

It is inevitable that we continue to age despite the most advanced aesthetics treatments. Nonetheless, we aim to look younger than our actual age and aesthetics treatment, in its appropriate dose, will help you achieve that. Taking care of your physical appearance will bring you the confidence you need and project a positive self image in your life.

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